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Flip vs. Econobum vs. Gdiapers Diaper review

I have been meaning to get on here and do a review about the four different type of cloth diapers I have used up to this point in our cloth diapering adventures! I will be reviewing Flips, Econobums, Gdiapers, BumGenius 3.0.

Flip Diaper System:

The Flip Diapers are made by bumGenius and are a one size diaper with a size range between 8 lbs up to 35 lbs. This cloth diaper comes with a snap cover and one can use disposable inserts, stay-dry inserts, and organic inserts. The covers for the Flip system are waterproof, and can be wiped out with a rag/wipe after each use and used again. With these, you do not have to stuff anything, just stick the insert in, fold the size down (there are three sizes on a single insert, small, medium, and large), and put the ends under the flaps! There are several colors available with the Flip System, these include the following:


My daughter in the Zinnia cover with Stay-dry insert.

The Stay-dry inserts are very absorbent and are great used on a longer drive or overnight. While I love the Flip system, and they are not by any means the most expensive cloth diaper, to have a good collection, you may spend around $150. If purchased in a trial pack,  one would get two cloth covers and 6 Stay-dry inserts, depending on where the pack is purchased, you may have a different choice on colors. Each pack is $49.95 and there is also an organic pack that is $59.95. Some places also have the inserts listed for $4.95 per insert, this is where things get a bit more expensive. Organic inserts are $7.95 each, a pack of 18 disposable inserts are $4.95 and a case of 216 are $54.45. The disposable inserts are a more expensive option, but if you have to take your child to daycare, it may be a better option than using regular disposables! Individual covers can be purchased for $13.95 and one other option is $16.95 for one cover and one insert.


Econobum is another diaper we have tried in our cloth adventures. This diaper is the most cost effective diaper we have used so far. They are one size just as the Flip diapers are and can fit a baby from 8 lbs up to 35 lbs. There are a few differences between the Flip diapers and Econobum, while the Flip diapers have two snaps on top of each other to close the diaper, the Econobum has two that are side by side. These covers are waterproof and can be wiped out with a rag. Instead of having a single insert like the other diapers, this system has prefolds. Econobum are by far my favorite for absorbency and we have had less mess on the cover if my daughter has a bigger poo! The covers are rather plain, just white with colored linings. The colors used are similar to those of the Flip system. They are:

My daughter in the Econobum with Moonbeam lining. No, she is not always asleep when I take pictures!

As you can see, these are a bit thicker due to the prefold insert. Personally I would take the thickness with the better absorbency any day! To get a good collection of Econobum diapers, you are looking at around $99.90 for 6 covers and 24 prefold (unbleached) inserts. One can also purchase a pack that is half the cost at $49.95 and comes with 3 covers and 24 prefold inserts. Another option is a trial pack which has one cover and 3 inserts for $11.95. Individual covers with one insert will cost $9.95. 


Gdiapers were our second brand of cloth diapers we have used. These diapers come in 4 different sizes littleG's, small, medium, and large and have velcro tabs that fasten in the back rather than the front. These diapers are not even close to being the cheapest cloth diaper. For the longest time, I loved these diapers and was not really willing to try anything else. These are the thinnest diapers I have come across, but with thinness comes leaks and lots of them! Poopy diapers are pretty much the end of the cover until it is washed again. These diapers come with snap in liners (just a plastic liner that acts as a barrier to the cover) which can be wiped out, but does not seem to be that waterproof as the diapers will start to feel damp after 2 hours or so, if you have not sprung a leak by than. Do not get me wrong, these diapers are super cute and very thin, but rather expensive for a good collection and the velcro pieces have a habit of coming off so they need to be sewn back on or replaced if you are not cool enough to know how to sew! Gdiapers come in many colors, there are boy and girl specific colors as well as neutral. These are (some colors have been discontinued):

Galactic Blue
Gooseberry Purple
Goddess Pink
Guppy Green
Greatful Red
Grubby Knees Gray
Golly Molly Pink

Again, a lot of the colors have been discontinued, but are replaced with different colors. There used to be a black cover that I would have loved to find but it sold out right before we started cloth diapering. Each individual Gpant is $17.99 this comes with a cover and one snap in liner. There is a two pack of Gpants for $26.99 which comes with three snap in liners. Inserts and liners come in two sizes, small, and medium/large. Snap in liner packs of 6 are $20.00. The newborn pack is $149.99 and includes 12 tiny gPants with cute 'g' word design, 6 little gPants, 80 100% biodegradable gRefills. gCloth inserts sold separately. The disposable option is flushable but is much more expensive than disposable diapers, but can be composted. There are a few other options, like the 6 pack of covers for $79.99. 

And the Winner is:

1. Econobum for cost efficiency and absorbency. 
2. Flip for the colors and one size covers.
3. Gdiapers for the thinness and different color selection. 

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  1. I found your review very useful! I was wondering however if you can use the gDiaper disposable inserts in the econobum shell? That's one thing that I like about the gDiapers is the option to use disposable.