Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Home Birth Experience

As we woke up on Sunday morning, just a typical morning like all others since I went past 40 weeks pregnant, never thought a whole lot of it until I started having some slight contractions around 4pm or so. At this point, I was at 41 weeks and 2 days, just past my due date. Needless to say, I was getting a little concerned as we could not wait around forever before Ronin decided to make his entrance into the world, also there are health risks involved that I was not willing to take, but we just waited it out. Home birth was our decision and we wanted to stick to that.

After hearing from a few people say nipple stimulation works to induce labor and I was getting desperate, I figured why not, nothing else did! So around 730pm that night, I tried it for about 10 minutes and again around 10pm. Well, after 7 minutes I had to stop the second time around because these contractions were not stopping and they were STRONG and felt a whole lot like real contractions (not Braxton hicks). After maybe an hour of these not stopping and getting stronger and closer together I texted my midwife Stephanie, who lives in Elgin (same city we are in at the time) letting her know that the contractions are starting and are getting stronger but I would not continue to bother her anymore unless they got worse. Well, sure enough around 12am CT they got worse so I sent her another message, good thing I decided to call after no answer too because the message never went through the second time around. I believe her and Karen showed up around 145-2am CT and the contractions were still coming, harder and stronger still. I went to sit in a warm bath just because it was hurting to the point I felt like I was dying! Alex kept trying to rub my back and asking if I was still having strong contractions as I sat in the bath tub rolling around like a beached whale. There was no comfort to be had at this point.

We left the bathroom, went back down stairs, and laid on the couch with my butt up in the air and my face pushed up against the arm rest. I think I got loud at some point because Stephanie came in when I started crying saying I can not do this anymore it hurts so bad. She assured me that I could. For some strange reason, I believed her! Well, she was right! Not too much after this, I said I think its about time to push, and the pool needs to be filled.

Alex and his mom went to go fill the tub but only got it filled about a 3rd of the way because things were happening so quickly at this point. When I started pushing around I believe 345am CT, it felt like a TON of relief! There was no more real pain anymore. After pushing for what seemed like a long time, we went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet pushing some more. These were some pretty intense contractions and a lot of really hard pushing, enough to where my water broke. Alex was still pushing on my back and that was the only relief I felt for quite a while!

This became my next position. Except when I ended up actually having him, my knees were up and I was holding on to my legs (as well as Alex). Eventually, in this position, his head finally started to come out and Karen told me to feel my baby. I was a little turned off by this, but did it anyway, what the heck, why not! How awesome! He was right there! Only a few more pushes and he was completely out and in the world!

Finally, at 603 am CT on Dec. 5th 2011, my baby boy was here! He was placed promptly into my arms and not taken away for over an hour. It was amazing! Truly the best thing we as a couple has ever experienced is the blessing of our two children being born and without any complications.

Ronin Alexander weighed in at 9 lbs 14 oz and he is 21.5 inches long. Yes, much larger than I had ever thought! Still perfect in every single way! He started off nursing like a pro and has continued ever since. We had a long time of skin to skin contact which was awesome. This is definitely something women do not get enough of in the hospital.

Its been 11 days since Ronin was born and each day that goes by makes me think of his birth and how amazing it really was. As a friend said, it was healing after having a hospital birth. My midwife Stephanie and nurse Karen were fabulous. Hopefully some day we will be able to do this again. 

My Loves!

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  1. You did a wonderful job,Shelly...I'm so glad I could be there with you and your family:)